Why Amoy?

My journey into the realm of full time travel began when I started this blog with my girlfriend Anna.

At the time we lived in Xiamen city in Fujian Province on China’s east coast – directly across from Taiwan.  The city is also known as Amoy.  Originally our goal was to provide useful advice for expats and travelers currently in China as well as anyone considering traveling to China or moving here permanently.

Anna and I are still together but we’re striking out on our own adventures for the moment.  She is working on transitioning from teaching English to teaching Chinese and I’m on my own journey toward becoming a travel writer/photographer.

I’m keeping the name of the blog as it is for the moment because Xiamen was where I made the fateful decision to take my life in a new direction.  It’s a beautiful and special city that will always be near and dear to my heart.  I’ll never forget that all my subsequent adventures began there.

. . .

Xiamen’s current official name, 厦门, comes from the name of a castle, constructed during the Ming Dynasty, called the lower gate or 下门.   The character 下, xià, was later changed to the more refined, 厦, also xià, meaning mansion or large building.  So the name Xiamen means Mansion Gate.

Throughout the 19th century, the city was known as Amoy by Westerners.  The name Amoy comes from the name for the city in the local Minnan or Hokkien dialect.

We adopted the name Adventures from Amoy rather than Adventures from Xiamen for alliterative purposes.

Our tagline, 路到厦门, means “the road to Xiamen” and is a play on the popular phrase 鹭岛厦门 which means Xiamen the Egret Island.

. . .

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