Where the locals go: Songbai Park 松柏公园

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In this series of blog posts – WHERE THE LOCALS GO – we bring you some of the parks in Xiamen that are not on the typical tourist trail.  If you want to see where local people hang out in Xiamen, head to these places.

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The first park we’re highlighting is Songbai Park 松柏公园 in Huli District.  Anna and I happened upon this tiny park while we were doing some banking errands.  If you take the walk around the artificial lake you might encounter people doing Tai Chi, playing er hu, singing or merely jogging.  There are numerous cafes and bars lining the surrounding streets, including a tiny whiskey bar.  There’s also a nondescript street-side hole-in-the-wall on Changqing Lu 长青路 called Ginger Mother Duck 姜母鸭 (Jiāng mu yā) where you can find excellent chopped duck with ginger and boiled cabbage.

How to get there: Take buses 8 or 32 to the Songbai Park Bus Station 松柏公园 or take buses 88, 93 or 130 to the Changqing Lu Station 长青路.



Cool stuff nearby:

Bailuzhou Park

Jiangtou Park







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