The Taiwan Vlog – November 2017

My video output slowed considerably in November since I discontinued the daily photo analysis in October.  I’m only getting out a video a week at the moment.  Nonetheless, the videos I did upload were some of the most popular yet on my channel.  Some new subscribers hopped on board which is great to see for a tiny youtuber like me.

I ventured into the Little Snow Mountain Forest Reserve which straddles 3,000 meter high mountains.  On my first trip into these towering hills I got some great views of a sea of clouds and tried my hand at landscape photography.  But since I couldn’t stick around for sunrise I had to content myself with photoshop fakery.

I’ve begun a series of vlogs filmed from the seat of Taiwan’s Youbikes, public-access bicycles.  I charged into some controversial topics with those vlogs which got a bit more attention than is usual for my small channel.  I also devoted one vlog to a visa run I had to take to Hong Kong and my attempt to get a decent cityscape shot from the top of Victoria Peak.

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