The Taiwan Vlog – December, 2017

In December I produced three more UBike vlogs in which I rant on various subjects, including how living abroad has changed me, whether Taiwan is a part of China and whether foreign expats in Asia are a privileged class.  These videos elicited a lot of comments, many positive and many negative, which is what I was hoping for.

Since then I’ve moved back to photography vlogs.  I ventured back into the mountains at the end of the month, finding a giant, ancient and sacred tree.  I felt of two minds about the more controversial videos.  They got a lot of views but I also felt a little guilty about making them, who am I to bloviate about such things after all?  The hiking video on the other hand was more fun and guilt free.  In the future I think I will make more bike rant videos, but only every so often.

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