Restaurant Review: Burger Bar in Xiamen

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Sink your teeth into an Aussie beef burger in Xiamen, China

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This canary yellow burger joint stands out like a beacon of joy on an otherwise drab residential street.   It’s in the vicinity of the Marco Polo hotel, one of the nicest in the city frequented by business travelers.  The Coyote Café we reviewed earlier is near here, as well as an Italian and Indian restaurant.  This place is slightly distanced from the center of the action in this area.  There’s also a wine shop and some cafes nearby.

The restaurant advertises that it uses imported Australian beef for its burgers prices at between 40 and 50 RMB, which is typical for a good burger in China.  You can also choose how you want your burger cooked, which I’ve never encountered in China.  The medium “classic cheeseburger” I ordered was juicy and satisfying but disappointingly small (I guess I’m too American).  I also thought the wedge fries were over seasoned and stale, they had that ripped out of the freezer and popped in the oven texture to them.

How to get there: Take one of the bus routes listed here to 滨北中行 – Bīnběi zhōngxíng Bus Stop.  Head south on Jianye Road and keep an eye out for the yellow burger joint.

Prices: Burgers and fries are between 40 and 50 RMB.

Hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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