Restaurant Review: Coyote Cafe


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Get your Mexican fix on China’s Southeastern Coast

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Review: As someone who has lived in China for years, I know that good Mexican food can be hard to find.  Here you’ll find all your favorite staples, from fajitas to quesadillas to burritos, and you can wash it down with well- done margaritas or with one of the many imported beers.  Coyote is thus one of the most popular restaurants among expats in the city.  The interior décor is heavy on the Mexican kitsch, but in the context of the restaurant being in China for me this is oddly welcome.  The food is on the pricey side, a consequence of its location near the Marco Polo hotel which attracts many businessmen from out of town.



How to get there: Take one of the bus routes listed here to 滨北中行 – Bīnběi zhōngxíng Bus Stop.  Head south on Jianye Road for one block and turn left on Guanren Road.  Keep an eye out for the sombreros.

Address (For Taxi): 福建省厦门市建业路20-22号(建业路和官任路口)

Telephone: +86 592 508 0737

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