Jay Chou – The King of Mando-Pop

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He’s known in the West for co-starring in the Green Hornet, but in Asia he is currently the undisputed King of Pop Music

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塞  纳 河  畔    左   岸 的 咖 啡

sai na he pan zuo an de ka fei

The Senna river cafe on the left bank

我手一杯 品尝你的美

wo shou yi bei pin chang ni de mei

I have a cup to taste your beauty


liu xia chun yin de zui

Leave a lipstick mouth

花店玫瑰 名字写错谁

hua dian mei gui ming zi xie cuo shui

The name of the flower shop written wrong

告白气球 风吹到对街

gao bai qi qiu feng chui dao dui jie

Confessions of a balloon toward the street


wei xiao zai tian shang fei

Smile while flying in the sky

你说你有点难追 想让我知难而退

ni shuo ni you dian nan zhui xiang rang wo zhi nan er tui

You said you find it hard to let me quit

礼物不需挑最贵 只要香榭的落叶

li wu bu xu tiao zui gui zhi yao xiang xie de luo ye

A gift doesn’t need to be expensive, just fragrant leaves

喔 营造浪漫的约会 不害怕搞砸一切

wo ying zao lang man de yue hui bu hai pa gao za yi qie

Oh, creating a romantic date is not afraid to mess up everything.

拥有你就拥有 全世界

yong you ni jiu yong you quan shi jie

With all the world you have

亲爱的 爱上你 从那天起

qin ai de aishang ni cong na tian qi

Dear I’ve been in love with you from that day


tian mi de hen qing yi

Sweetness is so easy

亲爱的 别任性 你的眼睛

qin ai de bie ren xing ni de yan jing

Baby don’t force your eyes


zai shuo wo yuan yi

I would like to say

亲爱的 爱上你 恋爱日记

qin ai de ai shang ni lian ai ri ji

Dear fall in love with your diary


piao xiang shui de hui yi

Memories gone with the wind

一整瓶 的梦境 全都有你

yi zheng ping de meng jing quan dou you ni

A whole bottle of dreams about you


jiao ban zai yi qi

Stirred together

亲爱的别任性 你的眼睛

qin ai de bie ren xing ni de yan jing

Baby don’t force your eyes


zai shuo wo yuan yi

I would like to say

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By Anna

When Gus told me that Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for literature, I was quite shocked by this news. Wow, so musicians have their time now. Then another question came into my mind: which Chinese singer is the most popular now? That must be Jay Chou!

I don’t think many people on the other side of the world have heard his name, but he is so famous throughout Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and even Japan and Korea. Jay Chou is a Taiwanese musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and director. His songs have gained high popularity, especially among Chinese students. I have listened to his songs since I was in middle school. He has dabbled in different styles such as R&B, rap, rock and even various Chinese music styles. Since he has a unique taste in music which shows in the music he makes, his music is called Chou Style.



His song, written in his unique style, Qing Hua Ci (青花瓷)was sung in the Chinese New Year Gala in 2008 – probably the biggest televised event each year in China. Later, Herbalist’s Manual- Ben Cao Gang Mu (本草纲目) was sung by a famous Chinese traditional music female singer Zu Ying and himself. Not surprisingly, his other song Lan Ting Xu (兰亭序)was performed in the 2011 Chinese Gala. He hasn’t lost his fame since his first album debuted in 2000 until now.



A month ago, I went to Jay Chou’s concert in Fuzhou where my parents live, thanks to my brother for giving me the ticket.  He booked the ticket half a year ago. He is a big fan of Jay Chou and going to a Jay Chou concert is his dream but he’s studying computer science in Shanghai and has a busy course schedule, so he was heartbroken when he passed me the ticket. During the concert, I took many short videos for him to look at. I remember when I was walking on the long way to the stadium, I could feel the fresh breeze of youth, fashion and first love from piles of people buying pinky lights to the mountains of fans waiting at the entrance door for a security check.



I was by myself, getting a closer look at the people near me, most of them were university students judging from their appearance. There were pairs of boyfriends and girlfriends or friends with friends. I assumed that I was one of the few old-fashioned graduate fans of Jay Chou. The concert started with a flying astronaut, echoing with his concert theme from a music talent show when Jay Chou was a mentor for some talented candidates who wanted to be Jay Chou’s apprentices. The most impressive scenes were featured at the beginning of every song, short plays related to the coming song revealed at the last minute. Jay Chou also invited his few students from The Voice of China (a popular American idol type show) to sing the song with him along with choosing some volunteer singers from the front row.



There was one girl chosen by Jay who was so excited. On stage, she said she started listening to his songs when she was nine years old. Jay fills her musical memory and in the end she added that Jay Chou accompanies us growing up and we will accompany him until we are old. His new song, Balloon Confession (see above), is loved by young fans so much. After the concert, my friend Hillary said that one of her classmates proposed to his girlfriend during the concert. His songs bring love to people. You could imagine thousands of people standing up and singing together with him. After the concert, I was still affected by the songs in the concert for a while. He is not only a singer, but also a symbol of post 80’s and 90’s memory.



Many girls my age idolize Jay Chou. Last year when his wedding news spread throughout the world among Chinese music fans, I could imagine all the girls crying in my head. I was studying in my TESOL program in York, England. One morning, I woke up and checked my phone as usual. The screen was full of news about Jay Chou and I saw, HE IS COMING TO YORK FOR HIS WEDDING!!!



This is crazy. Such a big coincidence! I went to the day’s lecture and my Chinese classmates were talking about going to see him in Castle Howard, a one hour bus ride away from York’s city center. People around me started planning to go there, but we didn’t know the exact date he would arrive. Besides, I was worried about my courses, so I didn’t plan to go. Suddenly, one day, I saw friends posting their friends’ photos with Jay Chou in Castle Howard.

After a few months, I went to the church in Selby where Jay Chou and his wife took vows. We saw news about him on the wall and the people in the church asked us when they saw us, “Have you come to check for Jay Chou?”


Selby Church where Jay and Hannah took their vows.


Castle Howard.


Selby Church.


The front of Selby Church.




Castle Howard.


Castle Howard.

This is my story of being a little fan of Jay Chou. I think no matter how old Jay Chou will be in the future, he will still be a symbol of youth, fashion and first love.

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