The Grand Canyon of East Zhejiang – Ninghai Highlight

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This pleasant stroll along a watery gorge is part of an immense scenic area near Ninghai, Zhejiang.

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Hop on a bus from one of Ninghai’s bus stations and hop off near the massive dam in the town of Baixi or White River.  Ascend uphill past the dam and to the boats ferrying passengers upriver to the trailhead and the entrance to the 浙东大峡谷 or the Grand Canyon of Eastern Zhejiang.



The scenic area is only accessible by boat.  It’s a short walk to where the riverside walkway ends but along the way you’ll be treated to gorgeous views of the hills towering on either side, the lush bamboo forests and the sheer rock cliffs.  The White River in the scenic area is one of the sources of the reservoir created by the dam at Baixi.



How to get there: Take the bullet train from the nearby major cities like Ningbo or Hangzhou to Ninghai.  You can take a minibus from Ninghai’s West Bus Station to the Baixi 白溪 Reservoir – from Baixi town you’ll have to walk up the road to the ferry dock.



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