Fuzhou Highlight: Zhen Hai Watchtower

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This prominent tower is one of Fuzhou’s landmarks and offers an excellent vantage point from which to scope out the city.

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You might notice this garishly lit fortification on the way to the train station or from the banks of West Lake.  The tower rests on top of Ping Mountain – one of Fuzhou’s three famous mountains, the other two being Wu and Yu Mountains where you’ll find the Black and White Towers. To climb the mountain and reach the tower you’ll have to buy an entrance ticket to Ping Shan park.  The climb is steep but short with places to rest along the way.  I’ve heard there used to be semi-feral monkeys roaming the park but they seem to have disappeared or been removed.


The watchtower itself is a recent “refurbishment” but the original structure was built in 1371 A.D. during the Ming Dynasty.  Inside are small exhibitions on some of the furniture and historical objects that would have decorated the interior when the structure was still in use as a military defense.  Looking out over the ramparts will give you excellent views of the forest of high-rises in Fuzhou’s downtown and at the mountains ringing the city.


How to get there: You can take one of the following bus routes below to the 省府办干训中心 bus station.  From here head north on Fufei Road and keep an eye out for the ticket booth and park entrance to the right.    





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