Biking around Xiamen Island – Leg 1

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Sampling the Egret Island’s beaches, snacks and parks on two pedal-powered wheels

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Xiamen is a great city to explore by bike.  Not only is the city relatively small in terms of land area but it’s also packed with parks, beaches, temples and other old buildings that make for interesting stopping points.  Anna and I embarked on what is the planned first leg of a longer bike route that could take you around the entire island.

We started by renting our bikes near Baicheng 白城 Beach, between Xiamen University 厦大 and the Hulishan Fort 胡里山炮台 (Hú lishān pàotái).  From here you head east up Huandao Nan Lu 环岛南路 (Huándao nánlù), toward the Fort.  Along the way you’ll pass numerous beaches, as well as Calligraphy Square 厦门书法广场 (Xiàmén shūfa guangchang), Music Square 音乐广场 (Yīnyuè guangchang) and Zengcuoan 曾厝垵 (Céng cuò an)  – a meandering series of lanes lined with food stalls and souvenir stands.  Anna and I got lost in the maze of Zengcuoan and ended the first leg of our exploration of Xiamen by bike here.

Cool stuff nearby:

The Hulishan Cannon Fortress

How to get there: Take one of the bus routes below to the Xiamen University Baicheng Bus Station -厦大白城 – from here walk along up the beach toward the Fort (away from the sail-like twin towers) toward the bicycle renting area.  Grab your bike and head off!!

Hours: The bicycle stations close between 8 and 9 pm.

Prices: The mountain bike costs about 10 to 15 RMB per hour, with a 300 RMB deposit.  The other bicycles on offer, like the tandem bicycles, are more expensive.


One of the beaches along the route, with military ships in the waters – you can see many navy ships near Xiamen because of its proximity to the Taiwanese island Kinmen.
Calligraphy Square


An opera stage near the beaches along the bike route.
Opera costumes drying in the sun.



The pebbly beaches.
The temple near the entrance to Zengcuoan.


Fried squid in Zengcuoan.
Skewered tentacles in Zengcuoan.



The funkiest Subway Restaurant I’ve seen in the Zengcuoan back alleys.
African horned cucumber – best snack ever.




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