About Augustus Woods

If you need any more evidence that I know nothing about photography, check out this self-portrait – negative space failure.

Hi, I’m Gus and for as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by tales of explorers and adventurers in exotic locations.

Stories (fictional and non-fictional) of travelers adjusting to unfamiliar surroundings and cultures – forging links across geographic space and cultural gulfs.

Indiana Jones, Marco Polo, Captain Kirk and Spock, Ibn Battuta – these were the names etched into my romantic and heroic imagination.

Deep down, I’ve always wanted to emulate these heroes but, like everyone else, I was brainwashed by my culture’s rat-race mentality – the idea that the pinnacle of life’s ambition is to establish a profitable career, get married, have kids and retire.

I knew in the pit of my soul that this path wasn’t for me but I convinced myself that throwing caution to the wind and striking out on a daring adventure wasn’t practical, wise or realistic. Those stories I loved as a child were fantasies – unrealizable, fanciful and (well) childish.

I attempted a compromise by studying History and Anthropology when I was in college but also getting a teaching license at the same time.

Teaching others about the stories and lessons from history that inspire me seemed like a good way to turn what I love into a profitable enterprise.

My first year out of college I spent an extremely difficult and frustrating year teaching middle school Social Studies in a tough, inner-city New Orleans neighborhood.

After that year I decided I needed a drastic change. And so I took a big step and decided to move to China to teach English. Again, it was a compromise.

I never saw myself as an English teacher, but I thought living in China would offer me great opportunities to explore an immense and fascinating country.

I’ve been living in China for almost 4 years. They’ve been an amazing 4 years, full of ups and downs and adventures. I’ve learned to speak a bit of Chinese and I’ve traveled all over the country.

I thought at one time that I might end up spending my entire life in China. But there’s a problem. I’m bored and I don’t want to settle down in China and neither does my Chinese girlfriend, Anna.  Quite a conundrum.


Gus and Anna

Since moving to China I’ve developed two intense passions. One for travel and one for photography. So here’s my plan.

I’m heading to Taiwan on a new teaching mission but I’m also going to jump headfirst into my photography, videography and travel writing projects.

I want to share images that inspire me with the world and share my adventures on Youtube so others can be inspired to take on a life of travel. I’m a major amateur when it comes to photography, videography and travel writing, but you have to start somewhere.

While in Taiwan, I eventually hope to turn my blog, vlog and photography efforts into income streams that I can use to fund a trip round-the-world. I won’t be the first to do a round-the-world travel blog, not by a long shot. But I’m doing this project as much for myself as for any hypothetical audience. I’m also bound to experience plenty of failure along the way but that’s inevitable and it’s part of the journey.

My ambition, way down the line, is to become a working travel/adventure/landscape photographer.

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